Morecambe Bay Photographs 32 to 48

All of the following photographs were taken by  Peter Cherry FRPS,  between 1979 and 1986.  The cameras and film used,  were an Olympus 35RC 35mm rangefinder camera loaded with Kodachrome colour transparency film, two Nikon FE and two Olympus OM1 35mm SLR cameras loaded with Kodachrome 64 colour transparency film and a Hasselblad ELM 6×6 cm camera, and a Pentax 6×7 cm SLR camera, both loaded with Agfachrome R100S colour transparency film.  No coloured or special effect filters were ever used:  the colours you see are the colours of nature.  A quote from BBC television was “Morecambe Bay is the canvas for Peter Cherry’s photographic art”

A shimmering, mercurial seascape, like no other

At the heart of the bay

Arriving from the tiny Piel Island, with Piel Castle, in the distance  

On the River Lune estuary, near Sunderland Point

The River Kent estuary, with Holme Island on the right

Cottages on the Silverdale shore  

The distant Lakeland Mountains covered in snow, from Hest Bank

The silhouette of Humphrey Head, from White Creek, on the Silverdale shore

A boy in shorts, paddling slowly, in the River Kent, at Arnside

A winter morning on the Kent estuary, at Arnside 

Cedric Robinson briefs the walkers before one of his famous cross Morecambe Bay walks  

Cedric leads a cross bay walk from the start, at Morecambe Lodge, Hest Bank

Three boys, and a man wearing an Arabic head-dress, smoking a cigar!  This shows that there are ‘all sorts of people’ on the cross bay walks

This is a pool of wet mud, not quicksand! 

A view from the rocks at the Silverdale shore

Crossing the channel of the River Kent

Walkers arriving at the end of a cross bay walk, at Kents Bank station